Posted on Oct 14, 2019

3 Reasons Why You Should Never Skip Car Insurance

Do you want to cruise around in your dream car with confidence? What if something untoward happens on the road? Have you made sure that you are protected from possible costs and liabilities in the event that unfortunate incidents happen?

Getting car insurance (which you can find with the help of a site that compares car insurance in Dubai) would be the best way for you to protect yourself when the unexpected happens.

Driving in Dubai

Dubai is known around the world to have streets full of swanky cars. You can see cars of different makes, models, colors, shapes, and sizes zipping along Sheikh Zayed Road or cruising to the countryside. In the Emirates, owning a car is no longer considered a luxury; it is a necessity that helps cut down commuting time as well as time spent out of the heat.

However, you must first get car insurance before you can happily drive around the City of Gold. The rapid growth of the automotive industry in Dubai has also led to the exponential rise of car insurance companies. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of auto insurance groups that you can choose from.

That is why it is best that you use a reputable online insurance comparison site to guide you in searching for the best car insurance deals available. You will also get to compare the packages that each company offers and see which one suits your needs the best. 

With the multitude of auto insurers all vying for your attention, an insurance comparison site will help you save time, energy, and resources. All you need to do is input the relevant information about your vehicle and the site will take care of streamlining the choices for you.

Not all car insurance companies are created equal. Some may offer cheaper rates (be aware, however, that cheaper is not always better) while others may provide greater coverage.

While picking out the best auto insurer can be challenging, there is no question that finding one is crucial. Here are the top three reasons why you should never skip getting car insurance:

1.     Compliance with the law

In Dubai, the law requires you to purchase car insurance before you can register your car. Normally, there are two basic types of insurance coverage to choose from.

One is third-party liability insurance. This is the most basic type of insurance and typically has a lower premium than comprehensive insurance. 

This type of auto insurance has limited coverage. It only covers the damage to the other car and its passengers. However, it does not protect you from any damage costs or theft of your vehicle.

On the other hand, comprehensive insurance will offer you more coverage. This normally comes with a higher premium, but that comes with additional benefits such as coverage for damage incurred during an accident, roadside assistance, and coverage for damage or loss outside the UAE.

Other insurance companies also offer off-road insurance. Since Dubai is a popular spot for dune bashing and off-roading activities, this type of coverage also provides protection from any accidents that happen off-road.

2.     Coverage for medical costs

Depending on what type of insurance you get, you also have the chance to claim insurance coverage on medical bills.

In the event of an accident, the policyholder will be entitled to a specific amount as mentioned in the insurance policy. This will cover medical expenses that you have incurred because of an accident that the insured vehicle figured in. Usually, it covers not only the medical expenses of the driver, but that of the passengers as well.

Some insurance companies also extend the coverage to emergency medical charges that do not exceed what is indicated in the insurance policy.

3.     Protection from financial liability

Vehicular accidents can be costly. Aside from the risk to life and limb that you had to go through, you also need to think of the possible financial repercussions that an accident brings.

If it was your car that caused the accident, then a comprehensive insurance policy will cover damage costs on your car and other vehicles involved. It will also provide you protection from costs brought on by possible repairs. If your car has been totaled, meaning the damage is irreparable and the vehicle must be replaced, your insurance will also pay for the same value of the insured vehicle.

Responsible Driving

You must take note, though, that having car insurance is never a reason to engage in reckless driving. It is meant to be there in case an unavoidable incident happens on the road. There are certain stipulations that will null your insurance policy such as driving under the influence or without a license, causing intentional damage, providing misleading information, or making unethical use of a vehicle, among others.

If you want an enjoyable car ownership experience, go online now and look for Compare Dubai, the most trustworthy online comparison site, to check which insurance company can provide the best deals and packages for your specific needs.

The sooner you choose, the sooner you cruise.

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