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To Drive, Find the Best Car Insurance Company in Dubai

Car insurance is required for every vehicle owner as it covers your responsibilities in case of personal vehicle damage or harm to others and their vehicles. There is a range of options for car insurance companies in the UAE, which is why you must do thorough research to ensure you are getting the best price. However, with CompareDubai’s service, you can easily and quickly compare car insurance in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our specialists will help you to obtain quotations from a number of insurance providers so you can find one that works for you and your budget.


What are the different types
of insurance available?

Third Party Liability

This is the minimum cover required by UAE Law

Fully Comprehensive

This is the highest level of cover as it includes TPL and damage to your own vehicle


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Third Party Insurance Starting from AED525

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Frequently asked

No Claims discount (or No Claims Bonus) is a type of conditional discount that an insurance company may decide to offer you based on your driving history and in particular the number of years you have been driving without claims. Normally you would be requested to provide a No Claims Certificate from your previous insurer(s) to support your claim of NCD, this can take a few days to obtain depending on the insurance company.
Comprehensive cover (or Fully Comp) is the highest level of cover as it includes Third Party Liability which protects you from legal claims submitted by a third party in cases where the accident is deemed to be your fault. It goes further and also protects/compensates you against damages to your own materials, vehicle and property, injury or death of the driver and any passengers even if the accident was considered to be your fault.
This is the minimum policy cover required by UAE law. It provides cover against death or bodily injury to any third party and any damage to their vehicles. However, it won’t cover repairs to your motorbike, personal medical expenses or theft.
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