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Health Insurance in the UAE Is Critical for Quality Living

Health insurance is crucial for ensuring access to comprehensive, quality health care services. By opting for the best health insurance in the UAE, you are helping to promote and maintain your health and preventing and managing illnesses. In the UAE, health insurance ranges from the DHA Plan (the minimum medical cover that employers have to provide) to individual, family, and group plans. Finding the right health insurance for you and your loved ones is essential, which is why the personalised assistance of CompareDubai.ae specialists is ideal. With the help of insider information delivered to you, you can compare health insurance in the UAE from the region’s leading insurance providers.

What are the different types
of insurance available?

DHA Plan

This is the minimum medical cover that Sponsor/Employers have to provide for their employees & dependents


This cover is for one person and can be customised to add/remove benefits as required


This cover protects you and your loved ones and includes maternity benefits


This covers a group of employees and their dependants; organisations can customise the plan from choosing the provider network to annual policy limits

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Third Party Insurance Starting from AED525

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Frequently asked

In 2014 Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has announced the mandatory Health and Medical Insurance for all UAE Nationals & Expatriates, residing in the Emirate of Dubai. The mandatory Essential Benefits Plan (EBP) is for lower salary band employees and dependents
NO, you must have medical insurance as the visa renewal process is linked to medical insurance and effective from 1st January 2017
This is limited to you parents, spouse or children who are on your sponsorship. The EBP plan covers all those earning a gross salary of AED 4,000 or below, no matter what their pre-existing / chronic medical conditions are, they will pay the premium which has been approved by the DHA.
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