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Take The Confusion Out of Life Insurance in the UAE

Life insurance can be a confusing thing to navigate. After all, you have a variety of policies to choose from. These include Whole of Life (coverage for life with a guaranteed payout), Critical Illness (coverage for emergency situations caused by a serious illness), Term (coverage for a specific time period), and Decreasing Term (coverage for the unexpected and designed for mortgage protection). When looking for life insurance in the UAE, your best option is to use CompareDubai’s online service to connect with a specialist who will share the best quotations from a number of insurance providers. This is how you find the best deal.

What are the different types
of insurance available?

Whole of Life

This covers you for your entire life and its designed to have a guaranteed payout

Critical Illness

This cover helps in emergency situations where an individual is affected by a serious illness. It can be taken on its own or as an additional benefit


This cover is for specific time period and most popular due to its affordability

Decreasing Term

This cover provides financial protection for your family should the unexpected happen and it is specifically designed for mortgage protection

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