Posted on Oct 17, 2018

Tenants insurance

Tenants insurance is very similar to regular home contents insurance, it covers your belongings while you are renting. Your belongings are insured if they are damaged by fire or flooding. It also provides protection against theft within your home

Is Personal Belongings or Portable Possessions included?

This is an additional option that can be added to the policy and highly recomended as it compensates the Insured person for losses and damages caused to a specific range of portable possessions (laptop, mobile, jewellery) whether the loss/damage takes place inside or outside the property. 

What is “Single Article/Item Limit” and how will affect a potential claim?

Single Article Limit or Single Item Limit is the maximum amount that can be claimed against a single item. The limit is identified in the policy and some insurance companies may have separate limits under Home Contents and Personal Belongings. Most insurance companies will require you to declare items (contents or personal belongings) that exceed these limits and may request copies of receipts or documentation to prove you own them before they include them in your policy cover. By declaring the items beforehand they will not be subject to the single Article Limit, however your personalised policy may result with an increase in premium (the price you pay for the policy).

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