Posted on Nov 18, 2019

Travel Insurance: A Guide for the Frequent Traveler

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Every day, hundreds of people board a plane and leave the United Arab Emirates. A lot of these travelers go overseas for work or business reasons. Many of these passengers are also on their way to a well-deserved holiday in their home country or to their chosen destination.

If you are one of the many people who go overseas frequently for work or pleasure, you may have the art of traveling down pat. However, you may be neglecting something important before going out of the country: getting travel insurance in the UAE.

According to one report, 50 percent of UAE residents do not get travel insurance before going on a trip. Also, 26 percent of travelers buy coverage, but only occasionally.

The same report goes on to say that one out of 10 travelers experiences a problem while overseas.

Why Get Travel Insurance?

Even if there is little chance of encountering an issue while you are traveling, there is still the possibility that something could happen to you. Because of this, getting travel insurance, especially if you go overseas often, is a must.

When you buy travel insurance, you will:

1. Prevent certain mishaps from ruining your trip

Airlines lose luggage from time to time. If you have poor luck, you may also lose your baggage to thieves.

Travel insurance covers the loss, theft, or damage to baggage. As long as the problem did not arise out of your carelessness or shortcomings, your provider will cover the cost of replacement or repair, with the necessary deductions for wear and tear and depreciation of the insured item.

You can also claim for reimbursement for the lost or damaged item up to the maximum amount stated in your plan.

2. Avoid the hassles caused by delayed baggage and flights

Most travel insurance plans cover the emergency replacement of clothes, medication, and toiletries if your luggage is delayed or misplaced by the airline and will not be returned to you within 12 hours.

Because of this benefit, you won’t have to worry about spending money to buy new clothing and medication that you will use until you get your baggage.

Delayed flights can also cause you a lot of inconveniences, including the loss of money. In case this happens to you due to poor weather conditions, technical breakdowns, or a strike, you will be reimbursed for the amount stated in your policy.

3. Get assistance if you lose your passport

Your luggage is not the only thing you can lose when you are traveling. You can accidentally lose or have your passport stolen as well.

Losing your passport in a foreign country can be one of the most devastating experiences you can go through. Without this travel document, you won’t be able to go back to the UAE.

To get a new passport in a foreign country, you will have to undergo various processes. You need to wait for several days or even a few weeks before you can get your travel document. You will then have to spend extra money on your hotel stay and food.

Your travel insurance will cover the extra lodging expenses you will incur due to your prolonged stay in a foreign country. Your provider will also reimburse or shoulder the administrative and transport fees you paid for while applying for a temporary passport and visa.

4. Be covered when you have a medical emergency

Getting injured or sick while on a holiday or business trip can be as frightening as (or even more worrying than) losing your passport.

If you have a medical emergency and you are on your own, aside from going through the various difficulties of choosing the right hospital and even getting there, you will have to pay upfront for the treatment and other costs. Your bills can climb rapidly depending on your condition and where you are confined.

If you have travel coverage, your provider will pay for all the necessary medical expenses. These include transportation or ambulance charges, hospital confinement, pharmaceutical costs, and doctor fees.

Additionally, travel insurance providers have 24/7 hotlines. As such, you can talk to a customer service representative if you need help with finding a hospital that accepts your policy.

How to Choose the Right Plan

To select the ideal coverage, you first have to choose between two types: single or multi-trip.

Single trip travel insurance covers you for only one journey. You can customize the plan according to your destination and the purpose of your trip to make it as comprehensive as possible.

Multi-trip insurance plans provide coverage for multiple trips you will take in a year. As such, you have to purchase one annually.

If you frequently travel for work or business or you have plans to visit various countries every year, buying a multi-trip policy would be the best option.

To get the most from multi-trip coverage, make sure the plan covers the countries you will go to. Ensure you agree or can work with the limit on the number of days given for each trip as well.

Lastly, if you like engaging in or trying extreme or adventure sports, be sure the policy will cover the risks associated with these activities.  

To make the process of getting the right annual travel insurance in Dubai easier and faster, use an online insurance comparison website. With just one site, you will get all the information you need to choose the best plan that will give you peace of mind and sufficient coverage whenever you are overseas.

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